Partner Q&A

Partner Feature: DENSO

Why is advanced mobility important to DENSO? 

2024 is a very special year for DENSO, as we are celebrating our 75th Anniversary. During that time, DENSO has become one of the most competitive automotive parts suppliers on the planet. But times are changing and DENSO is transforming into an advanced mobility supplier – which is more than just automobiles. As societal needs grow, DENSO wants to be a mobility pioneer.

We do that by focusing on our Two Great Causes: Green and Peace of Mind.  We contribute to advanced mobility with greener products, processes and facilities. And society expects Peace of Mind when traveling, knowing their families will be safe on the road. DENSO envisions a more mobile, seamless and worry-free society.  And our long history of technical expertise, innovative spirit and manufacturing excellence will help drive us toward that future of mobility.

What does DENSO hope to gain through the initiative?

Simply put, our missions align. We both want to create a safer, cleaner and more mobile society. This is only accomplished through strong cooperation and partnerships.   

DENSO did not become the successful company it is without navigating through difficult challenges. Through kaizen and working together, we continually improve. It is no different outside our company. TEAM TN creates a network across the state that can broaden our knowledge, identify collaboration opportunities, and help us all reach the goal of improving society for everyone.

What makes TN the right state for this kind of initiative?        

DENSO came to Tennessee because its beautiful environment is very similar to our global headquarters in Kariya City, Japan. Our state facilities compose the largest footprints for DENSO in North America.  There are 6,000 full-time production and logistics employees located in our Athens, Maryville and Mount Juliet operations.

Tennessee is a wonderful state to do business and partner with. Some of the largest, most innovative companies reside in this state, and it appreciates the contributions and needs of those companies. DENSO is proud to call Tennessee its home and partner with the citizens, governments, and other corporations here. We can only make society better for our state, companies, and employees by working together to grow Tennessee and make it an even better place to work and live.