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Partner Feature: Launch Tennessee

Each month, TEAM TN features its partners that make this work possible. Today, we’re highlighting Launch Tennessee. We sat down with Lindsey Cox, Chief Executive Officer, for a brief Q&A.

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Why is advanced mobility important to Launch Tennessee?

Launch Tennessee supports innovation throughout the state and advanced mobility is one of the industries primed for growth and improvement.

Tennessee has done incredibly well within the automotive sector, landing major manufacturers like VW, Nissan, and most recently Ford. Still, we must see and support the transition into more advanced manufacturing and advanced mobility, as the industry and its end users evolve. 

Supporting advanced mobility also aligns with efforts to position Tennessee as a leader in technological innovation. By fostering the growth of companies involved in advanced mobility, we can contribute to the state’s reputation as a growing hub for cutting-edge technologies.

Why is Launch Tennessee involved in TEAM TN?

Launch Tennessee has a history of partnering to strengthen outcomes. We collaborate with eight entrepreneur centers and six industry organizations, including our partnership with TennSMART, which has a focus on mobility.

This collaborative approach can foster innovation and create a supportive environment for entrepreneurs and businesses in the sector across Tennessee. Launch Tennessee also supports economic development, job creation, entrepreneurship and commercialization of new technologies, and wants to see expansion in those areas. 

What does Launch Tennessee hope to achieve through TEAM TN?

Launch Tennessee wants increased support for tech-based companies in general, especially in areas where there is an outsized aptitude, like advanced mobility. 

We want to see research and development bring new technologies and support the translation of those new technologies from lab to market. We want to see a roadmap for a statewide mobility strategy and see federal dollars coming to the state to implement those plans. 

We also want to see that the innovation ecosystem is aligned and that we’re coordinating resources and support to ensure that the TEAM TN systems and infrastructure are built in a way that is startup-friendly and conducive to successfully commercializing technology companies in Tennessee.

What makes Tennessee the right state for TEAM TN?

Tennessee already has a large auto manufacturing presence and can capitalize on its strengths.  Supporting advanced mobility encourages research and development activities within the state. 

This can lead to breakthroughs in technology, advancements in manufacturing processes, and the development of intellectual property, all of which contribute to the state’s well-being. 

Tennessee also has a business-friendly climate and is drawing in new, young members of the population, making it a prime location for this kind of innovation.