TEAM TN Summit January 2024

About this event

TEAM TN invites its partners to the first-ever TEAM TN Summit, January 30-31, in Cleveland, Tennessee, at Wacker Commons, located at the PIE Innovation Center.

TEAM TN working group leaders will update partners on their progress toward positioning Tennessee at the leading edge of transportation electrification and digitization. Additionally, attendees will learn first-hand about industry technology trends and provide feedback on how Tennessee can capture these trends to benefit our diverse communities, workforce, entrepreneurial and innovation ecosystems and economy.

Subsequent Summits will highlight different focus areas of TEAM TN’s working groups and provide opportunities for community feedback and networking. Summit feedback will inform TEAM TN’s strategic roadmap to the National Science Foundation.

Two-Day Agenda

Day One

Attendees will hear presentations, network and attend a reception at the Smart Factory Institute (connected to Wacker Commons).

Day Two

How would you spend $160 million? In the morning, TEAM TN working groups and partners will convene for a brief tour of the PIE Center (connected to Wacker Commons) and then meet in small groups to develop plans, programs and partnerships for spending $160 million in federal funds. Note: All partners and event participants are welcome to stay for Day Two


This event is co-hosted by The Smart Factory Institute and The Company Lab (CO.LAB). Our co-host, The Smart Factory Institute, invites you to stay for the Electric Mobility Conference on January 31 at 12:00 pm ET.

Hotel information coming soon.

Transportation electrification and digitization promise to revolutionize the future of mobility at a scale that will transform the movement of people and goods all over the world. TEAM TN will place Tennessee at the leading edge of this transformation—while reducing greenhouse gas emissions, creating a more equitable transportation system and growing a vibrant innovation economy with new job opportunities for all Tennesseans. To accomplish this goal, TEAM TN is mobilizing a first of its kind coalition with more than 100 partners. Partners engage directly with TEAM TN to influence the direction of programs, access world class research, talent and facilities, and collaborate with this first of a kind coalition to build economic prosperity for all of Tennessee’s communities. Partners will help TEAM TN answer key questions like: Get involved! Advancing mobility solutions for Tennesseans Sign up to receive information about events, focus groups, partnership opportunities and other ways to participate in TEAM TN. Core Partners What R&D projects should TEAM TN explore with industry partners? How do we move technology from the lab to the marketplace? What does our workforce need to start or sustain a career in advanced transportation? What do founders and companies need to start, grow or locate businesses in Tennessee? How do we make technology and economic opportunity accessible to all Tennesseans?